What is the ‘reboot’?

We believe there is a clear connection between climate change, social injustices and economic instability. The Western development model based on economic growth and exploitation of natural resources has always been exclusive: a few became rich and the most became poorer.

Our economic model was only sustainable in so far as only a minority benefited from it. But now, after centuries of economic subservience, many more countries want a slice of the cake. It is the paradox of justice: if we all develop in the same way, there won’t be enough resources for everybody. And our climate? If all individuals were to pollute like the average European or American, the planet would most probably melt in one week.

So? It is our economic model, stupid.

It has never worked. It has been built on exploitation and injustices. It has fueled wars and has produced a deeply volatile global economy. Climate change is just the ultimate evidence of how faulty our economic model is. Can we turn the fight against the climate crisis into an opportunity to revolutionize the way in which our societies work? Instead of fighting against the symptoms, shouldn’t we try and address the root cause of all this mess?

This is the challenge Global Reboot is willing to take on. Let’s not miss the opportunity of learning from the challenges awaiting us. Let’s reboot the system!

Check our documentary ‘The Age of Adaptation’ on http://www.globalreboot.org and join the cause. If we learn to act collectively, we can make a difference.

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