GlobeScan poll confirms people want to get rid of GDP

GlobeScan, the world’s leading pollster, has just released the results of its international poll on replacing GDP as the measure of national progress. The results are extremely encouraging for those, like me, who have been advocating in favour of alternative measures of economic performance and well-being for the past few years.

The new poll shows that more than two-thirds “68 percent of citizens on average” in the 11 countries (19,845 individuals) surveyed favour replacing GDP with a broader indicator embracing health, social and environmental statistics as well as economic ones. Only 23 percent “would rather retain a focus on money-based economic statistics.”

As reported by GlobeSscan, “The proportion of the public favouring measuring national progress using non-economic factors grew significantly in China (up by 12 points to 80%), the UK (up 11 points to 81%) and Australia (up 10 points to 81%). These three countries now have the largest proportions favouring a ‘beyond GDP’ approach.  India (where 44% want to see a new system), Kenya (43%) and Germany (57%) are the most sceptical of change.” The other countries surveyed include Russia, Canada, France, the USA and Brazil.
According to Hazel Henderson, president of Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil): “the public is still ahead of politicians, economists and financial analysts in seeing how GDP and money-based statistics short-change other important aspects of progress in health, education, environment and overall quality of life.”

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