Overcoming apartheid in BEE policies

What can we do to ensure that BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) as a state policy does not become a form of reverse-apartheid or black-on-black apartheid? Comments welcome!

2 responses to “Overcoming apartheid in BEE policies

  1. well for starters we could all admit apartheid isn’t really over…the negotiations around South Africa’s transformation to democracy (CODESA) transferred Parliamentary and Legislative power to the ANC but left economic power in the hands of the oligarchs who control the mining and energy industries in the country with BEE merely acting as an incentive (a massive transfer of wealth into the hands of the the parties leaders) in order to abandon the ANC’s charter of redistribution of resources to the people…the neo-liberal market forces reacted quite badly to this policy and therefore to facilitate the status quo and the opening of the newly democratic South Africa BEE was the perfect seductress. The reality is, economically speaking, South Africa is still an apartheid state, and until that changes BEE will not facilitate any real changes in this country.

  2. BEE is can be summed up to be black on black apartheid just as so many BEE contractors portrayed what BEE really stands for, as we can see most BEE projects are just filled with red tapes and completion still remains a myth.

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