Committed to building a wellbeing economy!

Over the past few years, my life has changed dramatically. I got married, had two children and went from being a development and financial consultant to becoming the youngest full professor of my university, a sought-after public speaker, an international author, a member of parliament and a Minister of Education, University and Research.

During this period I have been an economic advisor to a number of OECD governments, to some of the world’s largest philanthropic foundations and many political parties in Europe and Africa. And have seen that change can happen, where there is commitment, collaboration and vision.

I believe we need to transition towards a ‘wellbeing economy’, that is, an economy that improves social and ecological wellbeing, rather than an economy that undermines it by pursuing an obsolete paradigm of ‘growth’, as it has been the case over the past decades. We have all scientific and technological knowledge to rethink our patterns of production and consumption. What we lack is the ability to connect the dots among the innumerable innovations already happening around the globe.

We have not much time left to change the world and ensure we can live sustainable and happy lives. The time is now!